Laguiole Steak Knives-Set of 6

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The highest quality Laguiole steak knife you can get : 23 cm not folding blade, 90 grams, made from one single forged piece of Z40C13 stainless steel. Lifetime guarantee (normal use only) Handle : Real black buffalo horn tip (we do not use the cheap hollow "genuine" horn) with the traditional shepherd's cross inlayed. The handle is thick and comfortable when you 're eating. This classy model (black horn & shiny metal) can go with all kind of silverware and classical tables. harpness : The blade is sharpenned for a long time. You can choose - see options - to add free of charge a 'Diamond' micro-serration on one side of the blade : it is alsmost invisible and will extend sharpness. Warranty : Our Laguiole cutlery carries a lifetime guarantee. This is for normal use only. It is NOT dishwasher safe. Vernished wooden box ( Made in France ) included