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Love & Stones - Abundance - Citrine Crystal Infused Scented Mini White Ceramic Candle


A mini white ceramic infused crystal candle 


The crystal of success and happiness

Eucalyptus and Lemon organic essential oil blend

100 %natural soy wax

Burn time 20H - Size 160 ml


You can either leave the stones in your candle or take them out.

If you leave the crystals in your candle the stones can slide when the wax starts to melt. Just move the stones gently for them not to put out the flame.

For the optimal burning time, always burn you candle for 2-3 hours before blowing it out. This will keep it even, avoid "tunnelling", and best way to let the scent fill the room.

Remember to trim the wick to 0.5 cm before burning your candle and never leave your candle unattended.


When you light your candle to set your intention. Let your heart, soul and stone know your dream. 

Feel the energy of the stone and let this be your soul to stone time to connect.

Each crystal has an energy that will connect with your energy and when those two align a journey to live and do your dream has started.....


That will last for a long time. Just clean the glass or ceramic with hot water when the last wax has melted and use in your day to day.

Let the stones be in your life and a part of the journey to live your dream.

We design in Copenhagen and handmade in our own factory in Mallorca. We only order produce in order to avoid stock.

Love & Stones - Abundance - Citrine Crystal Infused Scented Mini White Ceramic Candle