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Corsi Design

Corsi Design

Gaetano Pesce, architect/artist/designer, is the author of several works in architecture, city planning, interiors, exhibitions, industrial design and publishing. Born in La Spezia Italy, in 1939, he studied architecture at the University in Venice. He lived in Padova, Venice, London, Helsinki, Paris and since 1980 in New York. His eclectic work, art and performances, have been published in many books and magazines. His pieces are displayed in the most important museums in the world.

The innovative aspects of his work are many and various: the research of a double functionality in architecture and in the objects, the creative use of colour, the ‘politic dimension’ in his projects, the perfectionism in the use of the materials, the culture of the objects. In the mid-90’s Gaetano Pesce pioneered the use of the resin as material to create design products and the Fish Design adventure began.

In 2003 Gaetano Pesce meets Andrea Corsi and sharing the magic formula with him, he entrusts him to continue and improve the production of the Fish Design range of products in resin. The visionary shapes created by Fish Design for more than 20 years, from the hands of Gaetano Pesce before and Andrea Corsi later, have become a chapter of design history.