Roses Are Red

In this day and age, many beauty products are out there to fool you with unlisted ingredients, chemicals and false advertising to the “organic” and “cruelty free” markets. It’s a daily challenge to scavenge for authentic and real organic products that are both nourishing and rejuvenating for your skin. But we’ve found the perfect product line for those who are looking for fresh and wholesome beauty products that will take you on a journey to finding your personal zen.

Shiva Rose, the founder of Shiva Rose beauty products and creator of The Local Rose digital blog, has made it her mission to create soothing, radiant and gentle products that help the body rather than harming it with chemicals and toxins. All her products are toxic-free and organic to give off a fresh and glowing feel. She travels the world to find the finest ingredients, whether it’s kukui nut oil from the island of Kauai, or California grown jojoba oil, showing her true dedication to the craft.

Her signature rose smell is a staple for her products and will make you smell fresh and floral day round. She has a range of products from body oil to hand creams to face scrubs, and her gentle formula suits all skin types from normal to combination to dry. She even has a line of candles to set the mood for a calming atmosphere and tap into your inner peace. Shiva Rose’s line will bring the true Californian out of any Midwesterner, and will give you true serenity while nurturing your skin the right and natural way.

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