Recharge Oil

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Mad et Len Parfum Recharge Oil is a 1oz eye-dropper bottle of scented refresher oil to keep the scent flowing for your Mad et Len Lava Rocks, Resin Potpourri.

All Mad et Len products are vegan, cruelty-free, handcrafted, and made in France.

Scent notes:

Spirituelle-mint, basil, cyprus

Mad et Len Spirituelle Refresher Oil is a perfume recharge, like Arabians nights in the Café Royal where travelers drink crisp mint tea on their nomadic travels from Saint-Germain to the Walls of Alexander. Notes of Moroccan mint tea, cypress & basil.

Terre Noire- earth, bark, soil, aged oak 

Mad et Len Terre Noire Refresher Oil is a perfume recharge of embers dancing like fireflies in the night, hovering through a heavy fog, over damp earth darker than the shadow of the night. Notes of primal damp earth, rich soil, ancient wood of petrified pines & aged oakwood.

Night Souk- vanilla, incense, patchouli

1 oz

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