AVF Meets LK

Alexandra von Furstenberg is finally here and we are so excited to share her eccentric and playful world with you. Using all acrylic, her products are more seamless, durable, lighter, buffed and sustainable than regular glass products.

Her style was inspired by the luxurious faceted cuts of diamonds, and her colors are inspired by our everyday surroundings like cars, sunsets, pools, boats, and more. Using neons, bold prints and sharp and neat edges, her pieces instantly light up a room while giving it a contemporary and cheerful vibe. With colors like hot pink or electric blue, and patterns like snake print and chevron, these pieces will spice up any kitchen table, dining room, or living space.

From her trays to her vases, her bowls to her coasters, Alexandra von Furstenberg’s pieces make a great housewarming present, room display and more. You can even mix and match different colors and patterns to create your own AVF style. We are so thrilled to share the world of AVF with you, and we hope you feel the same. Don’t miss your chance to see one of these modern and lively pieces right here at Lori Karbal.

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